April 26 - 29, 2020 | Atlanta, GA, USA

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Why should I attend PaperCon?

Designed by industry professionals, PaperCon draws CEOs, mill managers, superintendents, scientists, process engineers, and suppliers from over 25 different countries for a comprehensive conference that includes a peer-reviewed technical program, multiple networking opportunities, special events, and exhibits.

PaperCon 2020 will be held April 26-29, 2020 in Atlanta, GA, USA

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PaperCon offers:

  • Comprehensive Technical Program - Expert-led and peer-reviewed
  • Global Reach - Over 32 different countries represented
  • Networking Events - Face-to-face interaction with other industry professionals and experts
  • Career Advancement and Training Opportunities
  • Popular Programs - New Technology Showcase, Roundtable Discussions, and Young Professionals Sessions

Where will PaperCon 2020 take Place?

PaperCon 2020 will be April 26-29, 2020 at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta, GA, USA. The Cobb Galleria Centre is located in NW Atlanta where Interstate 285 and 75 cross.  Please be aware that it is not in downtown Atlanta.  

2 Galleria Pkwy SE
Atlanta, GA 30339

Who will attend PaperCon?

PaperCon attracts the world’s foremost experts including:

• Board Mill Superintendent
• CEO, President 
• Chief Engineer 
• Coater Superintendent 
• Converting Group Manager 
• Director of Coated Paper Development 
• Director of Engineering 
• Director of Paper Technology 
• Director of Product Management 
• Director of R&D 
• Director of Technology 
• Director of Procurement 
• Engineer

• General Manager 
• Maintenance Supervisor 
• Manager R&D, Paper Chemicals 
• Manager, Stock Prep 
• Mechanical Reliability Engineer 
• Mill Manager 
• Mill Superintendent 
• Paper Machine Superintendent 
• Paper Machine Technical Asst.
• Paper Mill Superintendent 
• Plant Manager 
• Process Control Engineer 
• Process Engineer

• Product Development Manager 
• Project Engineer 
• Quality Manager 
• RD&I Chemist 
• Research Fellow 
• Senior Mechanical Engineer 
• Sourcing Director 
• Student
• Technical Director 
• Technical Specialist – Coatings 
• Vice President – Manufacturing 
• Vice President – R&D
and more!


Why aren't the exhibit hours all day?

Many people come to PaperCon to visit the exhibit floor along with attending the technical sessions. We are mindful of making sure the exhibit hours are focused on quality instead of quantity, so we have limited the amount of overlap of the technical program and the exhibit hall. This keeps attendees and exhibitors alike from having to choose between which to visit. Also, to make sure all attendees had ample opportunities to reach their customers and colleagues, we extended the exhibit hours. Now you can visit booths and make new business connections all three days - Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. 

How do I best reach my customers at PaperCon?

PaperCon includes many opportunities to network such as lunches, coffee breaks, committee meetings, and receptions. In addition, the PaperCon Trade Fair/Exhibit features the industry’s leading global suppliers, new start-up companies, universities, associations, and media organizations. Hospitality receptions and lunches are held in the trade fair area, as well as a New Technology Showcase where you can present a short (8-minute) commercial presentation to attendees. It is recommended that you promote your company’s presence at PaperCon in advance to maximize the number of contacts you make. 

How are speakers selected?

The PaperCon program is assembled by several Technical Program Committees comprised of TAPPI members from around the world. They are industry professionals in each subject area and employ a rigorous selection and peer review process to ensure that the presentations are of the highest quality, non-commercial, and of utmost relevance and value to the industry.

All presentations and proceedings are reviewed and must comply with TAPPI’s Antitrust Policy and most presentations and proceedings (excluding the New Technology Showcase) must comply with TAPPI's Commercialism Guidelines

What sessions can I attend?

The PaperCon program is open; full registrants may attend any session at any time, regardless of the topic area.

Single day registrants may attend any sessions the day they are registered for. 

Must I register for the conference to attend committee meetings?

No, but you still need to register for 'committee meetings only.' Committee meetings are open -- anyone may attend unless indicated “by invitation only.” TAPPI Committee meetings are an excellent way to meet colleagues and network in your area of expertise while contributing to the growth of the industry. By allowing participants to pass on the knowledge they've gained, we feel committee meetings are one of the best ways to give back. 

How do I obtain a Visa?

You must register for the conference before being eligible for a Visa letter. For more details about obtaining a Visa to attend PaperCon, please review the TAPPI guidelines. 

Do some parts of PaperCon require an extra charge?

Yes, some pre-conference workshops, courses, races, and social activities require an additional fee and are noted as such. 

How old is PaperCon?

The first PaperCon was in 2008 in Dallas, Texas, USA and it has been held every year since, making PaperCon 2020 the thirteenth annual event. 

Where has PaperCon been in past years?

2019 - Indianapolis, IN, USA
2018 - Charlotte, NC, USA
2017 - Minneapolis, MN, USA
2016 - Cincinnati, OH, USA
2015 - Atlanta, GA, USA
2014 - Nashville, TN, USA
2013 - Atlanta, GA, USA
2012 - New Orleans, LA, USA
2011 - Cincinnati, OH, USA
2010 - Atlanta, GA, USA
2009 - St. Louis, MO, USA
2008 - Dallas, TX, USA

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