Paper and Board

April 26 - 29, 2020 | Atlanta, GA, USA

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Paper and Board

Abstract deadline was October 25, 2019.  We are no longer accepting abstracts.

“Envision Modern Papermaking – Merging Data with Practical and Theoretical Papermaking”

This track will help modern papermakers be successful in today’s world as we bring modern control and data analysis into traditional papermaking processes and equipment. Visit our website often for program updates.

Program topics include:

•    Managing papermaking processes
      What data should we use and look at? What should we look for in the field? What should we monitor?
      How should we monitor different papermaking systems? 

      Potential areas include: Stock preparation, stock approach, chemistry systems, headboxes, forming,
      pressing, vacuum, showering, clothing management, drying, air systems, winders, break management,
      and energy systems

•    Advancements in papermaking theory and understanding

•    Data historians
     What is the best way to utilize their capability?

•    Data analysis
     How can we utilize data for stabilizing, troubleshooting, and optimizing quality and machine

•    Advanced Process Control
     How can advanced process control optimize the papermaking process?

•    Modern maintenance and reliability
     What tools and processes should we use to keep our equipment running well?

•    Papermaking Success Stories – Case studies of improving papermaking processes