Coating & Graphic Arts

April 15 - 18, 2018 | Charlotte, NC, USA | Shaping the Future through Innovation

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Coating & Graphic Arts

This program has been built by the Coating & Graphic Arts Technical Program Committee. View the program for specifics about which topics and presentations will be at PaperCon. 

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Coating & Graphic Arts (C)      
Track Manager: Steve Ottone, OMYA  
Monday, April 16th      
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm      
  C1 - The Road to Sustainable Packaging I: Implementing Solutions  
    Session Chair: Steve Ottone, OMYA  
    C1.1 McDonald’s Scale for Good Amy Duquette, HAVI
    C1.2 Novel Bio Based Coatings for Novel Barrier Papers Michael Bilodeau, HS Manufacturing Group, LLC
    C1.3 Enhancing the Barrier Properties of Micro Nanofibrillated Cellulose by Inclusion of Pigment with Designed Surface Modification Cathy Ridgway, Omya International AG
3:30 pm - 5:00 pm      
  C2 - The Road to Sustainable Packaging II: Trends & Drivers  
    Session Chair: Becky Smith, Dow Chemical  
    C2.1 Innovations in Sustainable Packaging: More Option to Meet Company Demands Ian Lifshitz, Asia Pulp & Paper
    C2.2 Improving Recovery of Paper Foodservice Packaging Rhea Hale, WestRock
    C2.3 Opportunities and Challenges in Foodservice Packaging Lynn M. Dyer, Food Service Packaging Institute
    C2.4 The Role of Sports in Sustainability Erik Distler, Green Sports Alliance
    C2.5 The Challenges of Waste Management in Paper Packaging    Susan Robinson, Waste Management
Tuesday, April 17th      
8:00 am - 10:00 am      
  C3 - Lightweight and High Graphic Quality Linerboard  
    Session Chair: Jennifer Pennington, Eastman Kodak  
    C3.1 Lightweight and High Graphic Quality Market Trends Sarilee Norton, Norton Associates
    C3.2 White Top and Coated Linerboard TBA, WestRock
    C3.3 Trends in Printing and Imaging of High Graphic Quality Corrugated Charles P. Klass, Klass Associates, Inc.
    C3.4 Digital Imaging of Corrugated  John Stoffel, Hewlett Packard
    C3.5 Solutions Under the Mill Roof Doug Carter, Kamin, LLC
    C3.6 Development of Corrugated Board Surfaces Suitable for Water Intensive Printing Per Svending, FiberLean Technologies Ltd.
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm      
  C4 - Coating Operations Success Stories  
    Session Chair: Martti Tuomisto, Advanced Dynamics  
    C4.1 Spray Applications for Paper and Board Surface Treatment Pemo Klimczak, PMP
    C4.2 Further Development of the Curtain Coater Combining Best Coverage With an Easy and Safe Operation Martin Schmid, Voith Paper
    C4.3 The Influence of Base Sheet and Coating Formulations on Print Mottle of Graphic Papers Brian Scheller, Verso
    C4.4 Energy Savings and Machine Speed Increase in Cartiera di Momo, Italy Geert Dumortier, Bekaert
    C4.5 Determining the Need and Benefit of Multizone Rolls in Calender Operations Stefan Wilms, Andritz Küsters
3:30 pm - 5:00 pm      
  C5 - Another Look Into Functional Coatings  
    Session Chair: Fadi Chakar, Encapsys  
    C5.1 PVOH Coatings to Achieve High Barrier on Paper Samuel Michel, Kuraray Europe GmbH
    C5.2 Improvement of Barrier Properties of Paper by Coating Carboxymethylated Cellulose Nanofibrils Heetae Park, Hye Jung Youn, Seoul National University
    C5.3 High-speed Manufacturing of Antimicrobial Paper Martti Toivakka, Kofi Brobbey, Jarkko J. Saarinen, Åbo Akademi University; Marianne Gunell, Erkki Eerola, University of Turku; Janne Haapanen, Jyrki M. Mäkelä, Tampere University of Technology
Wednesday, April 18th      
8:00 am - 10:00 am      
  C6 - Innovations for Enhanced Production Digital Printing  
    Session Chair: Jim Niemiec, Verso  
    C6.1 Invited Speaker  
    C6.2 Improving the Inkjet Printability of Folding Boxboard Peter Dahlvik, Omya International AG
    C6.3 Novel Approaches to Paper Surface Treatment for High-Speed Inkjet Production Printing Lokendra Pal, North Carolina State University
    C6.4 A New Mechanism for Enhancing Adhesion of Electroreprographic Printing with Liquid Toner Daniel Varnell, Solenis
10:30 am - 12:00 pm      
  C7 - Innovations in Coating Pigments  
    Session Chair: Prakash Malla, Thiele Kaolin  
    C7.1 Innovations in Kaolin Chris Boothby, IMERYS
    C7.2 Advances in Calcium Carbonate Tim Bradley, Omya
    C7.3 New Insights into the Technology and Market of TiO2 Pigment David Burdette, Allegiance Chemicals, LLC & Alain Cagnard, Kronos Worldwide, Inc
    C7.4 Synthetic Plastic Pigments Brian Einsla & John Roper, Dow Chemicals; Femi Kotoye, Trinseo, LLC
    C7.5 A Novel Sub-Micron Precipitated Silica for Glossy High Speed Ink Jet Media Michael Darsillo, Evonik Corporation
    C7.6 Calcined Clay: An Effective Alternative to TiO2 in Paper and Board Prakash B. Malla, Thiele Kaolin Company; Dan Ma, Kamin, LLC
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm      
  C8 - Optimization of Coating Applications  
    Session Chair: Greg Welsch, Trinseo  
    C8.1 A New Model and approach for Optimizing Barrier Properties in Paper Coatings and Extruded Films Doug Carter, KaMin LLC
    C8.2 Optimization of Coating with Water Based Barriers Tom Larsson, UMV Coating System
    C8.3 Microencapsulation – Enabler for Future Coatings Fadi Chakar, Encapsys