AttendeeHub Mobile App

May 5 - 8, 2019 | Indianapolis, IN, USA | Setting the Pace

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AttendeeHub Mobile App will be a valuable tool at PaperCon 2018

Download* the TAPPI Onsite Mobile App now and access the PaperCon 2018 event!

*Some companies require approval for adding apps to company devices, so we suggest going through the process as soon as possible




1. Find and download the AttendeeHub app from your phone’s App Store (logo above)

2. Open AttendeeHub email to confirm registration


1. Open the customized email and tap on ‘Download the App’

2. Tap ‘Verify Account’ within the customized email to be directed to the PaperCon event and automatically logged in.

Once registered, attendees will have the ability to create their own schedule, view the exhibitor map, interact with other attendees, and play the Click! Game throughout the event.

What is the AttendeeHub?

AttendeeHub is our mobile app for PaperCon 2018. Below are some of the great ways attendees can take advantage of the mobile app at this year's event: