TAPPI Onsite Mobile App

TAPPI Onsite Mobile App: It's Live!

Download the TAPPI Onsite Mobile App* for the PaperCon 2017 event 


Go to the app store on your mobile device, search TAPPI Onsite, and download the app.

*Some companies require approval for adding apps to company devices,


TAPPI Onsite

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Log in to TAPPI Onsite

The process for registering and logging on to TAPPI Onsite is simple.

  1. If you've already registered for PaperCon 2017, keep an eye on your email inbox for an email titled "Access PaperCon 2017 on your mobile device." From that email, you will find links to download the app, and then verify your device NOTE: It is optimal to click "Verify From Your Device" from the mobile device you will be using at the event
  2. If you DO NOT have or cannot find this email, simply download the app (https://crowd.cc/s/jMQI), open the app, and select the PaperCon event
  3. Enter the event code (provided to you via the email, OR retrieve from the registration desk at the event)
  4. Click the navigation icon in the top left, select "Login for more features"
  5. Enter your confirmation code (if you do not have this code, follow the prompts to resend this code to your email, or register a new account for the app)

Viola! You now have the ability to create your own schedule, view the exhibitor map, interact with other attendees, and play the Click! Game throughout the event. If you experience difficulties, please see a TAPPI staff member at the registration desk, or email Kristin Whitman at kwhitman@tappi.org

What is TAPPI Onsite?

TAPPI Onsite is our mobile app for PaperCon 2017. Here are some of the great ways to take advantage of the mobile app at this year's event: