Hagemeyer Happy Hour


The Coating & Graphic Arts Division's

Hagemeyer Happy Hour

Tuesday, April 25th - 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Seasons Ballroom
Minneapolis Convention Center

TAPPI Coating & Graphic Arts Division Award History

C&GA Best Paper History:

Cathy Ridgway, Omya, “New Method to Determine Pigment Friability: example - Scalenohedral PCC”    
Emilia Golebiowska, University of Maine, “Analysis of Microscope Images of Coating Layers That Contain Tagged Starch and Latex” (Best Student Paper

Jarkko Saarinen
Emilia Golebiowska (Best Student)

Martti Toivakka, Åbo Akademi University, “Molecular and Microscopic Level Understanding of Coating Strength”

Finley Richmond, University of Maine, “The Use of Cellulose Nanofibers in Paper Coating Formulations” (Best Student Paper)

Pekka J. Salminen and Giona Kilcher, Styron LLC, “Fundamental Aspects of Binding Strength Development in Multilayer Coated Paper”

Wei Zhang, Veronika Husovska, Paul D. Fleming III, Jan Pekarovic, and John Cameron, Western Michigan University, “Toward Deinking of LEP Inks Printed on Different Substrates” (Best Student Paper)


2012 (tie)
Peter Dahlvik, OMYA International AG, “First Commercial Curtain Coater Application for Wood-Free Paper Grades”

Brian J. Ninness, Pekka J. Salminen, Daon A. Ventresca, and Gregory W. Welsch, Styron LLC, “Replacement of Air Knife with Curtain Coating: Impact on End-Use Properties of Double-Coated Paperboard”

Jeffrey White, Irl Duling, and John J. Riccardi, Advanced Photonix; Jason Morgan and Mike Friese, Appleton, “Use of a Pulsed Terahertz Sensor for Coat Weight, Noncontact Caliper Thickness and Moisture Measurement”

Roger Bollstrom, Åbo Akademi University, “Top Layer Coatability on Barrier Coatings” (Best Student Paper)

Chris Nutbeem, Anthony Hiorns, Janet Preston, John Husband, IMERYS Minerals Ltd., “The Influence of Kaolin Aspect Ratio on Offset Printability”




Technical, Leadership & Service, and Mentoring & Education Awards:

Term Division Chair Technical Leadership & Service Mentoring & Education
2016 J.E. Lange M Toivakka   A.K. Osgood G.G Bugg
2015 Gunnar Nicholson Gold Medal - C.P.  Klass
2015 A.V. Lyons R.W. Wygant J.P. Niemiec D.W. Bousfield
2014 A.K. Osgood R.E.Branston P.B. Malla P.J. Mangin
2013 J.P. Niemiec C.J. Ridgway T.L. Clark M.K. Joyce
2012 J.C. Walter  J.A. Roper    N.G.Triantafillopoulos  
2011 P.B. Malla  J.S. Preston  S.P. Ottone  
2010 J.M.Schulenburg A.G. Hiorns (Tony) A.V. Lyons (Tony)  
2009 R.W. Wygant   J.C. Husband     R.W. Carlson (Bob)  
2008 D. Hiscock   J.P. Groen     J.P.E.Jones (Phil)  
2007 V.F. Newberry    E.G. Engstrom G.G. Bugg  
2006 J.A. Roper H. Fujiwara   L.A. Gaspar  
2005 S.P. Ottone W.M. Bundy R.W. Eklund  
2004 R. L. VanGilder J. T. Brown  R. L. Kearney  
2003 R. W. Carlson R. J. Alheid  J. C. Walter  
2002 L. A. Gaspar   D. W. Bousfield J. E. O’Shea  
2001 R. L. Kearney H. W. Mauer C. P. Klass  
2000 J. C. Walter   J. S. Aspler  W. J. Goetz  
1999 J. R. Weber N.G.Triantafillopoulos R. E. Klem  
1998 H. W. Maurer W. A. Damrau D. F. Gordon  
1997 J. P. E. Jones P. A. C. Gane  P. C. Clark  
1996 T. L. Clark  L. E. Scriven  S. I. Shapiro  
1995 J. F. Hoover   A. J. Herbert P. C. Longjohn  
1994 W. J. Goetz M. B. Lyne    D. W. Lawton  
1993 J. M. Hein     D. R. Dill C. W. Cairns  
1992 R. E. Klem   M. Baumeister C. G. Whelpton  
1991 M. B. Lyne   J. H. Vreeland J. D. Callahan  
1990 D. W. Lawton  H. H. Morris H. W. Maurer  
1989 P. C. Clark J. E. Kline   T. C. Vanya  
1988 J. D. Callahan  M. W. Merchant H. S. DeGroot  
1987 J. D. Callahan  P. Lepoutre   A. R. Sinclair  
1986 A. K. Barton  D. I. Lee    
1985 P.C.Longjohn      D. E. Eklund    
1984 J. B. Rivlin  G. L. Booth      
1983 D. R. Dill   G. K. Hunger    
1982 C. T. Ray W. C. Walker      
1981 C. T. Ray T. W. Busch       
1980 H. S. DeGroot  C. W. Clark    
1979 R. N. VanBuren R. V. Hershey    
1978 C. D. Trader  J. W. Smith    
1977 J. F. Hern  E. J. Heiser    
1976 R. V. Hershey  C. A. Richardson    
1975 F. R. Marchetti  M. H. Bruno    
1974 M. W. Merchant
R.W. Hagemeyer    
1973 F. B. Loppnow C. G. Landes    
1972 H. H. Lavery J. V. Robinson    
1971 A. J. Winchester  F. Kaulakis, Jr.    
1970 C. W. Cairns    J. T. Loomer    
1969 C. G. Whelpton  W. W. Roehr    
1968 R.W. Hagemeyer R. M. K. Cobb    
1967 R.W. Hagemeyer H. O. Ware    
1966 R.W. Hagemeyer P. J. Thomas    
1964-5 H. J. Connell      
1961-3 J. E. Wilber      
1959-60 R. T. Trelfa      
1957-8 H. O. Ware      
1956 H.M. Annis      


TAPPI Coating and Graphic Arts Division Leadership and Service Award and the DuPont Soy Polymer Prize

TAPPI Coating and Graphic Arts Division Technical Award and the Engelhard Prize

TAPPI Coating and Graphic Arts Division and WestRock Outstanding Educator Award